Our objectives:


To realize high-quality and interesting projects,
working on the reputation, instead of the bank account.


Perform regular social activities,
ennobling their projects and infrastructure landscapes of Ukraine.


Due to the uniqueness of projects and professional approach to the processes of construction, help improve the quality of the objects on the market as a whole.

We are confident that the stable development of the company is possible only if the interests of all those involved in shaping the outcome of its work: the shareholders, the staff and management, suppliers, customers and society.

DeVision Group companies follows the corporate governance principles that guide the world's largest corporations, and their relationship with the community based on the principles of transparency and disclosure.

We believe that this approach to the work and professionalism of our team enabled us to take a worthy place among the largest real estate companies in Ukraine.

We are open to cooperation and are constantly looking for new opportunities for a large number of quality and interesting projects.

That is why we are ready to attract investors from around the world, ensuring high-quality implementation of joint projects and the legal resolution of all issues.

Contact the Department of Investor Relations, if you are interested in the prospect of cooperation or you have an interesting project that you want to offer us.

Бараннікова Ірина

Iryna Barannikova


Contact phone numbers:
Phone: +38 (044) 277-77-06
Fax: + 38 (044) 277-77-05

BC "Europe", 21 floor
Stolichnoe Shose, 103
Kiev, Ukraine

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