The dream
building cities...

DeVision acquires, develops and builds high-end real estate in Kiev and Ukraine.

Completed projects
Current projects
Kiev Multifunctional
Kiev Multifunctional
Arena promises to be not only a chord point to complex
concepts, but also an iconic place in Kiev
Future projects
To realize high-quality and interesting projects, working on the reputation, instead of the bank account.
Perform regular social activities, ennobling their projects and infrastructure landscapes of Ukraine.
Due to the uniqueness of projects and professional approach to the processes of construction, help improve the quality of the objects on the market as a whole.
On rent space on the company's projects to
DeVision contact our rental department:
Managing director
Premium Gallery "Atmosphere",
BC "Europe"
Phone: 067 217 95 04
Batanova IRINA
(Rental stores in the
shopping center "Domosfera")
Phone: 067 239 93 07
Contact phone numbers:
Phone: +38 (044) 277-77-06
Fax: + 38 (044) 277-77-05
BC "Europe", 21 floor
Stolichnoe Shose, 103
Kiev, Ukraine
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