Dmitry Buriak
Chairman of the Board
Member of the International Academy of natural products and biotechnology, a member of the London club's directors.
The soul and inspirer of every project DeVision.
Zhukov Gennadiy
Group CEO
Oleg Ponomarev
Group Chief Operating Officer
Natalia Kravets
Managing director "Domosfera"
Iryna Tereshchuk
Finance director
Ekaterina Starunskaya
Marketing director
Irantha Duwage
Hotel General Manager Ramada Encore Kiev
Stepanov Boris
Head of Operation Service
Igor Lazarenko
Project manager
On rent space on the company's projects to
DeVision contact our rental department:
Managing director
Premium Gallery "Atmosphere",
BC "Europe"
Phone: 067 217 95 04
Batanova IRINA
(Rental stores in the
shopping center "Domosfera")
Phone: 067 239 93 07
Contact phone numbers:
Phone: +38 (044) 277-77-06
Fax: + 38 (044) 277-77-05
BC "Europe", 21 floor
Stolichnoe Shose, 103
Kiev, Ukraine
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as soon as possible:
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