Business CentreEurope

Office complex "Business center Europe" refers to a class B + and has a great attraction for the large companies interested in renting space from 450 sq.m.
The developed infrastructure of the 2 shopping centers, supermarket, several cafes and restaurants, a business hotel, the largest in Kiev center with meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology conference areas for a variety of tasks, convenient logistics and ample parking on the adjacent territory, doing business center the perfect solution for the rental of office space.
For the employees of the business center there is a special system of loyalty to the other objects of multifunctional complex "Capital", as well as conveying from 3 underground stations.
The object meets the market requirements for removal of office centers of the city center.
Business center of Europe was put into operation in July 2012.
Contact phone numbers:
Phone: +38 (044) 277-77-06
Fax: + 38 (044) 277-77-05
BC "Europe", 21 floor
Stolichnoe Shose, 103
Kiev, Ukraine
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