Multifunctional Kiev Arena

Multifunctional Kiev arena promises to be not only the chord of point in the concept of the complex, and a landmark place in the scale of Kiev.

The new Playground, equipped with modern equipment, a 10-minute drive from the city centre, with easy access and private Parking that allows carrying out events of the broad themes, scale and level of counterparts in Kiev just yet.

20 000 seats will give the opportunity to hold a concert of any international stars or major sports events.

For industry seminars or corporate events there is a possibility of clipping of the room and create a more intimate atmosphere.


The Place of Future Victories

Up to date multifunctional arena has the capability to host different sporting, entertainment, theater, concert and exhibition events at a high level.

Multifunctional complex consists of a six-storey arena and six-level open parking.

The authors of the project are the Lithuanian Architectural Studio IE «E. Miliuno Studija». They are also the authors of the projects for multifunctional arenas in Lithuania. Arena in Kaunas (Lithuania), designed by them, was recognized as the best arena for basketball games in Europe. *

* - According to the Euroleague basketball clubs GM survey, held on the website of Euroleague in 2014, arena “Žalgirio Arena” (in Kaunas, Lithuania) was recognized as the best arena for basketball games in Europe, winning 62% of votes.

Location of the complex

Respectable neighbors of the complex are:

  • shopping centre
  • car dealerships:
    Honda sales centre
    Infiniti sales centre
    Nissan sales centre
  • hotel 4*
  • business center class B++
  • shopping and entertainment center ATMOSPHERE
* - (covered pedestrian bridge connecting the hotel «RAMADA ENCORE», shopping and entertainment centre «ATMOSPHERE» and Arena).

Transport connections:

  • North direction (from the city center, the Syretsko-Pecherska Line of the Kiev Metro) – two accesses:from Dnepropetrovs`k and Stolichnoe Shosse.
  • West direction (Odeska square, the Kurenivsko-Chervonoarmiyska line of the Kiev Metro) – two accesses on the different levels from Academician Zabolotny street;
  • South-west direction – three accesses: from Dnepropetrovs`k Shosse and two accesses on the different levels from Acadmician Zabolotny street;
  • South direction (the direction from Koncha-Zaspa): access from the upper level of Academician Zabolotny street.There are public transport и shuttle buses stops in two areas: on Stolichnoe Shosse and on the upper level of Academician Zabolotny street.


61 comfortable VIP boxes, each of which is serviced by the restaurant.

VIP boxes are designed in the form of ring around the arena space with the capability of the extreme boxes to transform into banquet room or other universal space.

There is also a private entrance and an elevator provided for VIP boxes visitors.

Beside that there is a separate “presidential” entrance and an elevator provided for VIPs.

The designing of the complex will allow VIP boxes visitors do not contact with other visitors neither before/after nor during event.

VIP services: parking, conference service and banquet arrangement.

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